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Bolton Council is one of the country’s best performing local authorities, and has received the top rating – four stars – in its Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) for the past four years. It is also the Borough's biggest employer with around 15,000 employees.

The council is responsible for a range of crucial services in the town – from social care, to the highways, and from business support to education and recycling among others – on behalf of the people of Bolton.

It is dedicated to further improving the way it works by transforming its services and in 2006 launched a major programme to shape future services according to the needs of residents, delivering them in a smarter and more efficient way to bring a wide range of benefits to everyone.

It does not work in isolation but with other key organisations such as the Primary Care Trust, police and voluntary services through the Bolton Vision partnership (the Local Strategic Partnership or LSP) to improve the quality of life for local people, delivering joined up services and cutting duplication for the borough. Those improvements, the plans the LSP has for Bolton in the future, are laid down in its Sustainable Community Strategy –which sets goals to be achieved in all areas of life from education to health, housing and the environment. Those goals are set down in Bolton: Our vision 2007-2017

The council also manages the new Bolton Brand on behalf of Bolton Vision. The brand aims to increase civic pride, promote Bolton to investors and visitors and improve external perceptions of the town. It gives a clear, consistent, positive message about Bolton to a wider audience. The brand is widely used in the town by both the Vision partners and other organisations. Now the priority is to ensure that the values of the brand – a place that’s open, colourful, sound – are reflected in the work of the council and its partners.

Bolton Council is represented on the Vision Steering Group and all the partnerships of the Local Strategic Partnership.

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